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Lunging hall and lunging tents from equitent

Your own indoor lunging hall – a perfect area to train your horse

This hall system allows horses to be exercised and trained in ideal conditions throughout the whole year. The equitent lunging hall cavarena is available in three different sizes. Its extensive range of lighting and irrigation systems and fences makes this a perfect lunging hall.

The system has been drawn up using statics according to current standards in construction for fixed and flying constructions and is therefore able to be used as a temporary or permanent installation. Ground anchors or anchor bolts, heavy duty dowels, spot or strip footings can be used easily and are sufficient for erecting the structure. In contrast to conventional halls, its mobile and sophisticated design allows this system to be assembled in a short amount of time at almost any location.

Longierhalle für optimales Training, therapeutisches Reiten und Voltigieren auf einem Reiterhof in Dreieich bei Frankfurt.

Innenansicht einer Longierhalle mit Holzbande

The simple use of earth or screw anchors, heavy anchors, spot or strip footings is adequate for the installation of the lunging hall. Due to the mobile and thoughtful design, the system can be mounted within a very short time compared to conventional halls at almost any location.

The equitent round pen is available in the spans (diameter) of 16.00, 18.00 and 21.00 meters. The side height is 3.50 meters in all three variants. Thus, the equitent lunging hall offers enough space for a secure and free work with horses.

This hall system allows horses to be exercised and trained in ideal conditions throughout the whole year.

The use of premium, durable materials contributes considerably towards making the atmosphere inside the construction relaxed and comfortable, allowing both horse and rider to benefit. The frame is made from aluminum and the connecting parts, such as the eaves and crown slots or feet and purlins, are made from galvanized steel elements. Equitent uses a resilient textile covering made out of high-quality support material with a PVC coating for the roof and sides. This is also used as a cover of biological heating power station, proving its resilience and robustness for years.

Tension on the textile cover is created by adding steel turnbuckles and tensioning straps. This ensures that the cover is permanently safe and moves very little while preventing any disruptive noise.

The entrance area to the cavarena lunging hall is closed using a sliding door which can be pushed open easily along ball bearings. The optional tied door is also easy to move and is designed with a folding mechanism so that you can open and close it using just one hand.



Technical data for lunging hall cavarena


  Standard version Standard version Standard version
Span: 1.600 cm 1.800 cm 2.100 cm
Side height: 350 cm 350 cm 350 cm
Ridge height: 562 cm 592 cm 632 cm
A-side length: 612 cm 691 cm 809 cm
B-running radius: 627 cm 708 cm 827 cm
Band height: 160 cm 160 cm 160 cm
Main profile: 170 x 88 x 3/4 mm 220 x 100 x 3 mm 220 x 100 x 3 mm
Snow load: 0,85 kN/m² bis 1,31 kN/m²
  • Anodized and high strength aluminum profile
  • Connection parts made of aluminum and galvanised steel
  • PVC-coated steel ropes
  • PVC-tarpaulin 680 g/mÇ manufactured according to EN 15619

  • Color: green or white

  • Classified as ‘difficult to ignite’ by DIN 4102 and EN 13501

  • Dirt-repellent and light-resistant

  • Lets daylight through and is UV-resistant

  • Low-wick coated polyester threads

Scope of delivery:
  • Frame construction with high strength aluminum profiles
  • Green roof tarpaulins
  • Sliding gate
  • Statics



Professional advice

Our riding hall & lunging hall experts are happy to assist

Equipment and Expansion

Construction and anchoring of lunging hall

Secure stability
The installation is done with earth or screw anchors, dowels heavy load as well as point or strip foundations. 

Lunging tent gutter system

Gutter system
Gutter of PVC or titanium galvanized version. 

Interior view of a lunging hall with lighting system

Lighting systems
Individual lighting systems are available upon customer‘s request. 

Interior view of lunging tent with bands

The wooden band can eg also be exempted unilaterally in the riding hall cavola at the indoor arena in order to use the space for a stand or a warehouse. 

Benefits and added value overview

  • On-site consultation

  • 24 months manufacturer's warranty

  • Favorable price-performance

  • Financing options

  • Modular systems

  • Short installation

  • Expansion stages according to your budget

  • Reduction of installation costs through the use of your own labour

  • Immediately start riding or lunging after installation